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The Atomyze Team

The Atomyze Team


Atomyze becomes a member in the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association, collaborating with Global DCA members to build trust and foster market integrity to support the global digital economy.

[Greenwich, CT –April 12, 2021] –  ATOMYZE LLC (Atomyze), the U.S. branch of a global fintech platform that will digitize and modernize markets for physical assets, today announced that it has joined the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association, a working group with the goal of establishing a self-regulatory association for the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry.

Atomyze will collaborate with the other Global DCA members in the blockchain industry to create a self-regulatory association that will address the major challenges facing the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry with the goal to support the growth of the global digital economy.

“We are excited to join Global DCA and work with other organizations to help set and maintain standards of market conduct and ethical behavior that will benefit all participants in the digital asset markets,” said Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto, CEO of Atomyze. “Our platform uses blockchain technology to enable tokenization of physical assets for our investors, producers, and commercial users, modernizing investing, trading, and sourcing of commodities. The mission of the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association is critical to building trust, fostering market integrity, and ensuring economic opportunity for all participants in the global digital economy.”

The Global DCA includes more than 110 representatives working towards a goal of becoming a self-regulatory association. Its 40-member Working Group meets regularly to discuss topics such as ethics, governance, trading, and execution in the context of the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry.

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